Professional calligraphy and engraving Amsterdam


Add an elegant and luxurious touch to your in-store or PR events with live calligraphy. Personalizing with calligraphy elevates emotions as well as value to your product, increases the wow-factor and the interactive brand-customer experience, while also creating a long lasting keepsake. The calligraphy can be done at the event itself, or in my studio.

Engraving Hermes perfume Magdalena


I engrave elegant letters in, for example, glass, metal and ceramics. All this on the spot at your event or in your store. When engraving on glass, the letters can be filled with a gold or silver wax for the most beautiful finish. Many surfaces are suitable for engraving. Think of perfume bottles and wine bottles, but also make-up brushes or lipstick. Engraving is a fantastic way to make a gift even more personal.

Luggage tag hot foiling Amsterdam

Hot foiling

Hot foiling is a sophisticated and versatile technique used to add shiny, metallic details to all kinds of surfaces. This striking and elegant-looking decoration method is very suitable for personalization. In this technique, a thin layer of metal foil is applied to a surface using heat and pressure. This results in shiny, metallic finishes. Hot foiling is often applied to items such as notebooks, packaging, luggage tags and even textiles.

Bottle Painting

Bottle painting is a unique service where you can transform an object into beautiful works of art. Whether it’s perfume bottles, wine glasses, or champagne bottles, with bottle painting, you can add a unique and personal touch to all these items.

embroidery haarlem


Embroidering initials is like adding a secret code to everyday items. It’s a personal touch that makes your stuff uniquely yours. Whether it’s on clothes, bags, even a lipstick pouch, those initials tell a story. So, why not stitch a bit of ‘you’ into everything?