Professional Custom Engravings for Events

Remke Beckers calligraphy engraving wineglas Amsterdam

I’m Remke, an engraver, and the face behind Letter Junkie. I use engraving techniques to elevate your event by offering hand-written personalization on various products. Allow me to provide more details about this service:

What is engraving?

Engraving (also known as etching) is a technique in which a product is worked on using an engraving tool, in this case, my fantastic engraving device from Inkmethis: Link to Inkmethis Engraver. This incredibly handy wireless device creates deep lines (engravings) on surfaces like glass, metal, and ceramics. These engravings can also be filled with gold or silver wax for a stunning finish. Many surfaces are suitable for engraving, including perfume bottles, whiskey and wine bottles, makeup brushes, and even lipstick casings. Engraving is a fantastic way to make a gift even more personal, creating a unique and special memento.

When should you consider engraving?

There are various reasons why engraving can be a delightful addition to an event:

  1. Interactive Experience: People can have their name, initials, or a special message engraved, adding a personal touch not only to the item but also to the entire event. On-site engraving also serves as entertainment during the event. Guests can witness the engraver’s skill in action and follow the entire process as their item is engraved. It’s an intriguing and engaging activity that is sure to capture attention and serve as a conversation starter.
  2. Unique Souvenir: Engraving at an event provides a unique and customized keepsake from the occasion. Visitors can, for example, have a perfume bottle, wine bottle or glass, or another item engraved, giving them something to take home that was specially crafted for them. After all, who would ever want to part with such a meaningful item?
  3. Brand Reinforcement: If the event is related to a brand, such as a brand activation, engraving can serve as a powerful marketing tool. The brand logo or a specially designed design can be engraved on items, creating a lasting brand memory. This helps increase brand awareness and forms a positive association with the event. Moreover, attendees are likely to share their experience on social media.
Engraving Hermes perfume Magdalena
After reading about engraving, if you have any questions or are enthusiastic about the value it can bring to your event, I’m eager to discuss all the possibilities.