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I’m Remke, a calligrapher, and the face behind Letter Junkie. I use professional calligraphy to elevate your event by offering hand-written personalization on a variety of products. Allow me to provide more details about this service:

At Letter Junkie, you can rely on professional (live) event calligraphy for marketing, media, and fashion events in the Amsterdam area, but also throughout the Netherlands. This can be live at the event itself or in my studio before the event.

Calligraphy Elevates Your Brand

Calligraphy takes your brand to the next level, and by personalizing products, you offer a unique and exclusive experience to your customers. Letter Junkie creates a unique and special brand activation concept for luxury brands, product launches, and events by creating an experience that keeps your customers coming back.

Event or Brand Activation?

Utilize Calligraphy

Nothing makes an event or brand activation more memorable than a custom experience for your guests. With personalized calligraphed products or gifts, you can make every guest feel special! Guests can have their name, initials, or a custom quote or message calligraphed right in front of them.

Calligraphy: More Than Beautiful Writing

Calligraphy is not just about beautifully writing words; it’s also about creating harmony and balance in the shapes and lines of the letters. This adds an elegant and luxurious touch to an in-store or PR event. Personalizing through calligraphy increases the emotional value of your product. The unique and personalized products will be cherished. It not only provides a “wow” factor and an interactive brand-customer experience, but also beautiful, lasting memories. Who doesn’t like to take something home with their name on it? Moreover, visitors are sure to share their experience on social media.

Calligraphy engraving Amsterdam

Letter Junkie Calligraphy Services

My services are well-suited for:

Things I do not do:

Would you like more information about live calligraphy at your event and what calligraphy can do for your business, please get in touch.

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